About Us

Do Phillips Studio creates uniquely realistic sculpture, figures, models, replicas, reliefs, dioramas and costumes for museums, galleries and private individuals across the world.

The Studio works with curators and museum designers, bringing to life an engaging and awe-inspiring exhibit, tailored to the client's needs, budget and timescales.

It can provide work of almost any scale from its East Anglia-based workshop or work in-situ to meet the client's requirements, such as the Maritime Museum in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates.

Costume figures make bold and dynamic visual additions to an exhibition and are an effective means of communicating a time, place or story without words.

Our cutting-edge cast resin techniques simulate human flesh tones, creating exceptionally fine and lifelike figures.

Clients can choose from a list of options from economic stock figures to bespoke made-to-measure animated work, however all will be imbued with the Do Phillips Studios' unique sense of character and charm.

The Studio's modelling services have made highly-detailed and robust replicas of valuable and fragile artifacts for a client base across the world.

About Us